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June 26th, 2016 - Official Die Krupps Website Online

The official Die Krupps website is online. Here you will find all information, news, and dates.


August 12th, 2015 - Snippets of V - Metal Machine Music online on Soundcloud

You want to give the V - Metal Machine Music a quick listen? No problem. just visit Soundcloud and enjoy some snippets of the new album:

Battle Extreme
Fly Martyrs Fly
Kaltes Herz


August 6th, 2015 - New single Battle Extreme / Fly Martyrs Fly out soon

Battle Extreme / Fly Martyrs Fly As already announced the new single Battle Extreme / Fly Martyrs Fly will be released just before the new album. The confirmed release date is August 14th and the digital only double A-single will come with the two tracks Battle Extreme and Fly Martyrs Fly.

A video for Battle Extreme is in the making right now and will be presented in the week before release.


July 10th, 2015 - Die Krupps release V - Metal Machine Music

V - Metal Machine Music Starting on August 28th, you will have the chance to get hold of the latest Die Krupps album V - Metal Machine Music.

Way before bands like Rammstein and others emerged, Die Krupps set clear new standards for electronic music with hard metal riffs back in 1991 with their pioneering album I, which included the industrial metal classic Metal Machine Music. The series of numbered albums was continued with II - The Final Option, which helped the succeeding albums III – Odyssey of the Mind and Paradise Now to enter the Europe-wide official Top 20s by featuring further classics like To the Hilt and Fatherland. With their sound Die Krupps ultimately paved the way into Europe for industrial metal bands that were on the ascendant in the US and which also got a growing popularity in Germany.

The decisive impulse for this musical crossover was the collaboration of Die Krupps founder Jürgen Engler and the thrash metal band Accu§er on the album I. Jürgen signed on Accu§er for his Atom H metal label and was their producer in the late eighties. After more than two decades their drummer has returned to Die Krupps to replace the rhythm machine live on stage.

A further important ally during the rock phase in the nineties was Lee Altus, at that time Heathen, today Exodus, who contributed to the next albums. Hard metal riffs paired with the driving sound of sequencers made Die Krupps to an embodiment of innovation: Particularly this mix, which is best described by metal machine music, makes their music timeless and is even after 20 years still a guarantor for full dance floors and energetic live shows.

On August 28th Die Krupps will return to their distinct guitar orientated sound with the release of V – Metal Machine Music. With the new songs the degree of hardness will even be raised considerably! Stylistic this album closes the circle even though Die Krupps never wove extreme brute guitar and hardest sequencer sounds to such an extent before. This will especially become noticeable during the live shows.

Beside the two Krupps machinists Ralf Dörper (synthesizer) and Marcel Zürcher (guitar), Volker Borchert of Accu§er (drums) and Nils Finkeisen (guitar) will complete the line-up.

Initially the album will be released as digital download, as a double CD in a Digipak and as a limited edition deluxe box which contains additionally to the double CD, a pair of fingerless gloves embroidered with the Die Krupps logo, a signed autograph card, and a weatherproof sticker. Whether the album will also be released on vinyl is still under discussion. To sweeten the time til the release of the album, the new single Battle Extreme / Fly Martyrs Fly will already be published a few days before on August 14th. Details to follow shortly.

A listing of the tracks on the album is available in the discography section.


April 11th, 2015 - Die Krupps live on stage in September again

Die Krupps will return to European stages in September again. Beside several gigs on larger festivals they will play some individual shows. Check out the tour dates for a list of the shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, and Norway that have been confirmed so far.


February 10th, 2015 - Volker Borchert announced as new permanent drummer

Volker Borchert
Die Krupps just announced their new permanent drummer. Let's welcome Volker Borchert who is not really a stranger since he already beat the drums for Die Krupps more than two decades ago at the time of the I album. Besides Volker is also an ex-member of the German thrash metal band Accu§er.


October 31st, 2014 - Out now: New single Robo Sapien including unreleased tracks

Robo Sapien As promised the new single Robo Sapien has been released today. It is available as digital release only. Get your copy from Amazon (Germany), Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), or iTunes.


[01] Robo Sapien
[02] The Red Line
[03] Robo Sapien (Mono Inc. Remix)
[04] Robo Sapien (Vigilante Remix)


October 22nd, 2014 - Robo Sapien music video online

Here is the video of the new single Robo Sapien. The single including unreleased tracks will be released on October 31st (digital release only).


July 30th, 2014 - Last minute concert in Düsseldorf

We just received the information that Die Krupps will play a last minute concert at Haus der Jugend in Düsseldorf on Sunday, August 3rd!
This is the first show in Düsseldorf since 1995. Doors open at 8:00 PM and due to the limited number of tickets it is good advise to arrive on time.


January 18th, 2014 - Second support act: Vigilante

The second support act for the upcoming tour is: Vigilante (CL).

Vigilante aka Ivan Munoz is one of the most important electronic music artists & DJ's in South America.
With his mix of electro and metal Munoz has conquered audiences from all over the world (6 international tours), including Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany, 2006 and 2010), Castle Party (Poland, 2012), and support for Nine Inch Nails (2008).

Vigilante has worked, remixed and shared stage with the most important bands in the scene such as: Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Die Krupps, Hanzel und Gretyl, Strapping Young Lad, Suicide Commando, S.I.T.D., VNV Nation, Funker Vogt, Læther Strip, Apoptygma Berzerk, Tyske Ludder, Agonoize, Soman, Hocico, Birmingham 6, Lacrimosa, Hanin Elias, Clan of Xymox and many more.


Vigilante on Facebook
Vigilante official website

picture by Cheo (http://cheo.carbonmade.com/)


January 14th, 2014 - First support act: CHANT

And here's the first support act for the upcoming tour: CHANT (US).

CHANT is the tribal-infused apocalyptic drum project of Bradley Bills from Austin, Texas.
As support for Lords of Acid, Angelspit, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and most recently both US-tours of KMFDM, CHANT solidified its mark in the Industrial Rock world!
Bradley has worked together with members of The Butthole Surfers, Skrew, Pigface, and The Razorblade Dolls and drummed for Pigface and Evil Mothers.
He will now not only support Die Krupps but also be live-drumming for Die Krupps as well!


CHANT on Facebook
CHANT official website

picture by David Deferno of Black Opal Imagery


December 21st, 2013 - Premiere of the Nazis auf Speed music video

Enjoy the new DIE KRUPPS worldwide video premiere in HD! Nazis auf Speed shows Die Krupps' heroic and ironic (air)fight AGAINST fascism and drug abuse!


November 26th, 2013 - The Machinists Of Joy released in the USA

The Machinists Of Joy The new album The Machinists Of Joy was released on 26 November 2013 in the USA on Metropolis Records. The album was released in Europe on 25th of October 2013 on SPV Records and is currently #1 in the Deutsche Alternative Charts! The US release is available at Metropolis Records, via Amazon or iTunes.


November 16th, 2013 - Follow Die Krupps on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Beside their official presence on Facebook, which has already been around for quite some time, Die Krupps recently have started official accounts on Twitter and Google+. You are invited to like, follow, and add to your circles.


October 3rd, 2013 - The Machinists of Joy snippets on SoundCloud

Die Krupps have just started to upload snippets of the new album to SoundCloud. As of today you can give a quick listen to the two tracks Im Schatten der Ringe and Schmutzfabrik with more to come in the course of the next days. Stay tuned!


September 22nd, 2013 - New album The Machinists of Joy to be released on October, 25th, 2013

The Machinists Of Joy The waiting has finally come to an end. On October 25th, the new Die Krupps album The Machinists of Joy will be released in Europe. The US release will follow a while later on November 26th. You will be spoilt for choice between the standard 11-track digipak edition, the limited edition with an additional 5-track bonus CD, the deluxe box set containing the limited edition plus a military style hat and a few more goodies, and the vinyl version. In the US the album is going to be released as a 12-track standard edition on Metropolis records. It is time to place your orders...

BTW: Does the cover remind you of something? ;-)


March 15nd, 2013 - Website of Turkish Die Krupps Fanbase online

Die Krupps Fanbase Turkey This time we have good news for all Die Krupps fans from Turkey (and of course anyone else who speaks Turkish). We just got the information that the Istanbul based Turkish Die Krupps Fanbase has started their own website. It's great to see where around the world Die Krupps have active supporters. Many thanks and good luck guys!


January 24th, 2013 - Premiere of the Risikofaktor music video

Today the music video of Risikofaktor was rolled out. Risikofaktor is the new single from the upcoming album The Machinists of Joy. This brilliant video was directed, shot, and edited by Rogelio Salinas. Starring Jürgen Engler, Ralf Dörper, and Marcel Zürcher. Turn up the volume and enjoy in HD!


January 22nd, 2013 - New Risikofaktor single went on sale in Germany

As announced the new single Risikofaktor went on sale on January 18th, in Germany and immediately jumped on the second position of the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Those of you who already bought the CD, or downloaded the single from one of the download portals, might have noticed that there is a flaw in the second title Zwei Herzen, ein Rhythmus, which stops unexpectedly after 3:20 minutes. SPV issued the following statement (translated from German):

Dear KRUPPS fan,

Due to a technical problem some units of the single "Risikofaktor" went on sale with a flaw on track 2 (the track unexpectedly stops after about 3:20 minutes playing time). This flaw affects the physical version (CD single) as well the digital version (download portals).

Approximately around the first week of February a corrected version of the single will be available in all shops and download portals.

Customers who prefer not to wait that long, can download the corrected track, which was coded at 320 kBit/s for very high quality, until February 28th, 2013.

For this purpose send your proof of purchase (as a scan etc.) by e-mail to kruppsaustausch@spv.de. You will immediately receive a corresponding personalized link to the download, which allows downloading the track up to two times.

Please note that letters and parcels in this matter received by mail at SPV unfortunately cannot be processed. For an exchange of the physical CD single you need to get directly in touch with the retailer you bought the single from.

We formally apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will stay with us in 2013!

Your SPV team

Well, things like this can happen. It is good to see that SPV reacts accordingly and that there will be an opportunity to have the CD replaced. For my part I will keep the CD since items like this tend to become a collector's item in a couple of years.


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